LED Lights

LED Lights provide a flexible low power solution to most situations. They cut down on power and heat, while providing a dazzling effect. The tradeoff is higher cost, less output, and color temperature is often slightly off. In some scenarios, the standard venue wall outlets provide enough power for an LED system, saving the cost of a power distribution system, however often LEDs need lighting consoles to operate.

Static LED Lights

Most static LED units simply replace their less efficient conventional counterparts, sometimes adding color changing and zooming features. Also certain effect lights are only made possible by LED technology, and have no conventional or discharge counterpart.

LED Lekos
LED Strobes
LED Molefays

Moving LED Lights

As with static LED fixtures, LED versions of most types of Moving Head fixtures exist. LEDs excel in Wash lights, and are catching up to Profiles quickly. Once again, most static LED effect lights also have moving head counterparts.

LED Moving Washes
LED Moving Profile
LED Strip Lights
LED Effect Lights