Lighting Design

Creating a lighting design is one of the first steps for any event. It can be as simple as specifying which areas need to be lit, or as complex as presenting 3D rendered concepts to a production team. We will work with you and your team to figure out what level of lighting you need, including on-site walk-thoughs, incorporating lighting plans and room blue prints, and rendering concept footage and images. Your input can range from "please make sure this stage is properly lit" to "please sit down with our production manager and review this script".

Lighting Plans

Creating technically correct plans based on venue dimensions and features is the first stage in a lighting design. From here we can determine placement, quantity, and additional requirements for the lighting system. We can gather information through phone calls and emails, along with pictures of the venue, or walk-throughs of the venue, or by incorporating existing plans from PDFs, DWG, or similar file types.

Lighting Previsualization and Concept Images

Once a technically accurate blueprint has been created, 3D renders of a proposed lighting system can be made. Ideas can be tested and revised as needed, and to suit your tastes, weeks ahead of time.

Day-of Lighting Operators and Designers

Every event has a different run through, day by day, from show to show. Our designers and operators work together to create the proper scenes and cues for the show itself. Its up to you how much input you have, we can work start to finish with no input, or we can take complete direction from your production team, writing and calling cues as needed.